2016. július 26., kedd

Schwimmwagen comic cover from 2011

OMG! I can't belive it. I found this on my computer today. This drawing is from 2011. I made it for a comic cover. This is a Schwimmwagen captured by U.S. soldiers. Just look at those silly figures...

2016. július 25., hétfő

RV8 cartoon car concept

What about a rear mounted V8 engine? No no no... not mid mounted. A true rear mounted V8. Now as you might have guessed RV8 stands for "Rear mounted V8 engine" One real advantage is that there is no need for rear wing to produce downforce... I know it's a strange idea but not in my world :)

2016. július 21., csütörtök

P34 Concept cartoon car

I always wanted to be a car designer when I was a kid but to be honest, I like drawing cartoon cars more than real ones. And the more strange the car looks is more interesting for me. I'm not really in motorsports and Formula-1 racing but a long time ago I saw a race car wich became one of my all time favorite. The race car is calles Tyrrell P34 wich was a six wheeler. I always wanted to draw a similar streetcar version. Hope you'll like it.

2016. július 11., hétfő

Timetable Rally and Monster car illustrations

These two cars were made for a timetable for my workplace. The concept was to doo something cool for the kids. All two were made in CorelDraw after a hand sketch drawing. The first one is my Rally Master No.:5 recolored version as that is one of my favorite car drawings I made so far. Actually you can see and buy the finished product here.

Betyár remake

This is a remake of my former Betyár illustration. I wanted it to look a little more cartoon like and to be more 3D like. This was made in CorelDraw too as always. I really enjoy makeing these drawings layer by layer with shadows and highlights. Above you can see the finished drawing and below is the first pencil sketch redrawn with marker. This illustration is also a start of a long term project. To be continued...