2016. augusztus 29., hétfő

Scania R470 Tractor Truck caricature

This Scania R470 caricature was made for a truck entrance sign. There are some details wich has been modified compared to the real truck to make it look more caricature like. And off course added some personality with the eyes and mouth. Made in CorelDraw.

2016. augusztus 17., szerda

Model-T Hot Rod "8" concept car illustration

Just wanted to do something with my Model-T concept so I transformed it to a Hot Rod. The original version was made in Photoshop many years ago so I complitely redraw it in CorelDraw and made a side view as well. I made alot of color schemes but I liked this one the most. Hope you'll like it too...

2016. augusztus 14., vasárnap

Longster concept car

This one is called the Longster. It is based on the Dodge Deora van wich I like very much. The driver gets in the car from the front end wich has an all opening front structure. The passengers can use the rear doors so the Longster can accept 1 driver plus 3 passengers total. The Deora had 2 rear wheels but the longster has four, doubble on each side. Hot Wheels made a nice concept some years ago on the Deora but I found that too bubbly shape compared to the original. I hope you like my version also. Made in CorelDraw as always and used a little Blender 3D to put it in perspective.

Below you can see the original Dodge Deora and the Hot Wheels concept version:

2016. augusztus 5., péntek

Spark the robot

Found this today on my computer. This was a really great job for my workplace in 2013. This colorful Chevrolet Spark was a give away prize for our christmas promotion. We named it Spark, the robot. First I drawd the car and the robot then I made the transformation sequence. This was a really hard work for me but also a really exciting challenge. All frames made in CorelDraw then crafted togeather in Photoshop. Enjoy the GIF transformation below:

2016. augusztus 4., csütörtök

Longhorn V4 motorcycle concept

This idea came to my mind one day before sleep. A V4 air cooled engine mounted trough the rear rim on a chopper. I wanted it to look a little more futuristic than my other works. To be honest I usually don't really like too futuristic vehicles. I think I got the inspiration from the new Harley-Davidson Softail Slim so I dedicated the paint job to that fantastic machine. Altough the Harley is olive green I found this thing to look better in a more greenish color scheme. Made in CorelDraw as always. Hope you like it...