Porsche 935 Turbo Project

 The 935 Concept was inspired by the Porsche 935 Turbo manufactured by Porsche in the 1970’s. It was the factory built race car version of the Porsche 930. It had a real unique shape with its huge front reflectors and an expanded rear with giant spoilers and side skirts. 

 During the design process – beginning with the first sketch until the last studio model render – the aim was to preserve the essence of this great car. It was also important to keep the traditional Porsche design in mind. The shape is meant to be simple and race like. Beside the sharp lines that are so fashionable today the Concept mainly has simple and rounded design.   

The car is designed to run with hybrid technology. The engine with the electric motor is placed under the rear hood while the fuel tank and the battery compartment are set in the front to neutralize the weight and give a perfect weight distribution. The drive train is a 4wd system. During the races it is important to fuel up the car as fast as it’s possible so beside the gas cap there is an electric quick charger to charge the batteries in the pit stop.  

To give it a worthy finish, the paint job is taken from one of the most famous Porsche 935 which raced in the colors of Martini Team and recorded overwhelming victories in 1976.

Main Design, Concept Arts, Digital Renderings & Blueprints by Me. 
3D modeling- Rendering & Animation by David Nagy